About Us

It all began in a small retail store in Bogor, West Java, Indonesia in 1974. Its mission was to provide quality service and exceptional pricing to the people of city of Bogor. Eventually the neighboring areas surrounding Bogor also came for the friendly and accommodating service they provide to the customers. As the years went by, they quickly spread out in every city in Indonesia. With its 3 stores, they became known as the best wheel and tire specialist in the entire country. In 1999, bringing its expertise to the next level, Antelope was expanding the market to the wheels and modification for cars. From the year of 2000, we have won many cars modification competition around the country. At Antelope.com we have a full team of expertise to answer every question about tires and wheels also the custom modification about your cars might have. For any question please fell free to contact us by phone or by email. With our solid business foundation, continued growth and stability, we promise of offering our customers great quality products with affordable tire prices, reliable and friendly people to provide you tire and wheel that suit for you every individual needs.

At Antelope, you can shop tires and choose wheels that will exactly suit your individual needs. We carry almost all the brands available in the market both for tires & wheels. Major tire brands like Bridgestone, Gajah Tunggal, Dunlop, Achilles, Accelera, Pirelli, Falken, and Yokohama tires, are just some of the brands that you can see when you visit Antelope-ban.com.We have the ability to provide you with a wide range of options for high performance tires, light truck tires, truck and bus bias tires and radial tires, SUV tires, and off the road tires (for mining and Agricultural). We have tires in stock available with a very competitive price for you all the time. You can also choose and pick from the large pool of brands of wheels available at Antelope-ban.com We offer major brands for wheels including Modulare, BBS, DPE, Work wheels, Lowenhart wheels & Lenso wheels, and Exe Pegasus Wheels among others. Custom rims & chrome wheels for cars, trucks, vans, SUVs and imports are available at affordable prices with Antelope-ban.com. Please check out our Wheel Section for more information.

We are not only selling tires and wheels, we can also modify your car with so much option such as custom suspension (lowering spring and adjustable suspension), custom aerodynamic kit, custom paint and widebody, custom interior and audio video for our customers’ needs. We have been in the business for years by doing modification for our customers’ cars. We are able to make your cars as "timeless art on the street".

Antelope is committed to providing its customer with the best service. Antelope-ban.com has available expert tire and wheel technicians that can assist you in your question and they can as well give advice as to what you should use for your cars. Shopping tires and wheel with us is very easy