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Maserati inspired peugeot 406 coupe with fabulous expand 20x9.5 and 20x11.5..
Visto 2004


Odyssey RA-6 with Japanese originally Wald bodykit, grille, and exhaust. Foot work, Tein adjustable Master Wagon, DAD rear chamber kit, and Fabulous 19x8.5 with michelin pilot sport 235/35/19 and 19x9.5 combined with michelin pilot sport 245/35/19.


Aerokit: DAD, complete with exhaust

Suspension: Tein adjustable super flex wagon with DAD rear chamber kit.

Wheels: Fabulous Expand black 19x8.5 et36 with Continental CSC-1 225/40/19 and 19x9.5 et24 with continental 245/40/19 CSC-1


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