Antelope Ban Modification

Body kit: Modullo

Exhaust: Modullo

Suspension: Custom Shockabsorber and Tein Lowering spring

Wheels: Lowenhart LS5 22x9.5 Et 35 (front) ET26 (rear), with Falken rubber 265/35/22 STZ-04


Antelope Ban Modification

Wheels: Modulare B11 brushed with clear coat 22x10

Tire: 305/35/22 Pirelli Scorpion Zero Assymetrico

Exhaust: Milltek Sport Non Resonated with Stock Eisenmann tail pipe


Wheels: Modulare M7 Brushed center - Chrome Lips

Size: 24x9.5 - 24x10

Tire: 255/30/24 Pirelli P Zero Nero

Suspension: Tein Super Flex Damper Wagon

Brake: Z Mevius by Project MU 14" Rotor 4piston 4pad caliper

Audi Q7 2010


Wheels: Modulare B11 Forged Monoblock in brushed clear coat 22x10 with special custom center cap.

Tires: 305/35 R22 Pirelli Scorpion Zero Assymetrico

Brakes: Brembo Gran Turismo 16" rotor 6 piston caliper 


Wheel: Modulare M10 Brushed center with chrome lips 20x8.5 and 20x9

Tire: 225/35 R20 Toyo Proxes PX4

Suspension: Tein Super Street Adjustable Damper

Brake: Brembo Gran Turismo Silver 13" rotor 4 piston caliper

Exhaust: Remus


Wheels: Modulare M6 in Black Chrome Center and body color outer lips 20x8.5 and 20x9.5.

Tire: 225/30/20 and 245/30/20  Falken 452

Brake: Project MU 13" Rotor 4piston 4pad

Suspension: Tanabe Sustec Pro SS Adjustable Damper


Exterior: AMG aerodynamic kit with AMG Exhaust

Wheel: Modulare M2 in Satin Black 20x9 - 20x11.5

Tire: 255/30/20 and 305/25/20 Pirelli P Zero Nero

Suspension: Bilstein sport kit (with front leveling system)

Engine: Brabus 4.0L (complete engine swap), Kleeman ECU, Kleeman Header exhaust manifold, Kleeman freeflow catalyst converter in total of 410Hp.

Brake: Brembo Gran Turismo 15" rotor 8 piston caliper


Exterior: Noblesse bodykit, Webasto Hollandia Sunroof custom fitment without outer seal rubber.

Exhaust by HKS

Suspension Tein Super compact Adjustable

Wheel: Modulare M16 in brushed center/chrome outer rim, 19x8 and 19x8.5 custom 4-100 fitment. Pirelli p Zero Nero rubber 225/35/19 all around.


Exterior: CustomBodykit

Wheels: Custom rose gold painted center spoke accent and black outer rim and solid black rivets Autocouture Lative 22x9" with 245/30/22 Toyo tires.

Brake: custom fitment of Celica Gold Stoptech 4 pot caliper.

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