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There are many factors to consider when buying tires. Besides trying to get the best price, you'll also need to consider wheel, rim and tire fit for any car, but this is especially important for a modified vehicle. Custom wheels and tires are especially important for a vehicle modified with a body kit, modified for lowering suspension, or if the vehicle has undergone a brake upgrade. These need to be kept in mind when considering a wheel and tire package. Why would you go to all that effort and put cheap tires on your car when you've spent so much time and effort on a customized modification?

If you want all-season versatility tires and are willing to trade on some dry and wet traction, All Season tires are recommended. These ultra low profile tires are designed to provide year round traction even in rain or wet track condition through tread designs and compounds that remain flexible in hot and cold weather to help blend all-season traction with very good handling and high speed capabilities for both car tires, truck tires and SUV tires.

The factors we must consider are: the weather, the terrain that you will drive on, TPMS - Tire Pressure Monitoring System and the offset of the rim.

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